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The Citrio Affiliate Program allows anyone with a website or blog to earn real money by referring your visitors to Citrio. It's free to join and easy to gain profit.

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About Citrio Affiliate Program

Citrio is a new web-browser with unique features and a constantly growing user base. Our company is aimed at providing quality software for modern day web-browsing. If you are a website or blog owner then you are welcome to join the Citrio Affiliate Program.

The Citrio Affiliate Program is free for all. Sign up to get a unique Affiliate ID and you'll be able to post Affiliate Links. You will get paid for the activity of each new Citrio user which has installed Citrio after clicking the referral link you've posted.

Why you should join

Earn a commission for your referrals

Refer to Citrio on your website and your revenue will be generated by each new active Citrio user.

Get started easily

We supply all the services you need as a Citrio Affiliate. All you have to do is promote Citrio and get your reward.

Convenient tracking

Just put up our links and we do the tracking for you. You can monitor progress via the Affiliate Dashboard.

It's free

There's no charge to join the Citrio Affiliate Program.