Download manager

Imagine you’ve been downloading the file of your dream for the last hour (or two or three, if your Internet connection is really slow). So you’re almost there, with 95% of your download complete, and suddenly the power goes off. The file you’ve been downloading disappears completely and you have to start it all over again.

Been there, done that? We don’t want this ever happen to you again, which is why Internet Download Manager has been added to the Citrio browser.

Fast and simple

The Citrio browser features an Internet Download Manager, which brings files to you in a significantly more reliable and easier way than any stock browser downloader. At the same time Internet Download Accelerator will greatly increase the download speed up to 5 times faster. Citrio Internet Download Manager requires no additional launching, configuration, or adjustment. It is an integral part of Citrio, so whenever you want to download your favorite movie, the latest musical album, or photos from your best friend’s wedding — the Download Manager will do it for you. The Download widget will inform you when a download has started and you can easily access it to monitor the progress. A user-friendly navigation menu provides a full overview of ongoing and completed file downloads, torrent files, and magnet links.

Resumes downloads

A unique technology allows you to pause the download process at any moment and resume it whenever you want: there is no need to wait for hours in order to complete the download in one session. The multi-threaded Download Manager is seamlessly integrated into Citrio and prevents any data loss that can happen due to computer shutdowns, network problems, or unexpected power outages. If the download process was interrupted, you can easily continue it from where the breakdown occurred. With Citrio Internet Download manager you can easily pause and resume file and torrent downloads in a single click. Use “Start All” or “Pause All” to manage the whole file download processes and the “Pause” or “Cancel” options to control and resume the file download (separately or in bulk).

Download accelerator

Unlike other popular browsers, Citrio has an integrated Internet download accelerator which speeds up your downloads. While you previously had to wait for hours for a download to be completed, Citrio’s Internet Download Accelerator will do the job in just several minutes. Slow Internet connections are not a problem anymore. Discover the lightning fast downloads with Citrio Internet Download Accelerator.

Integrated bittorrent client

Additionally, there is no need for a separate bittorrent client, as the Citrio Download Manager has an integrated one. It will download torrents automatically, providing full control over each file via an intuitive interface. Both, torrent files and magnet links are supported, bringing high download speeds and a fast-expanding collection of files directly to your computer. After a torrent download is complete, the Download Manager will immediately stop seeding in order to save your Internet data plan. However, in case you worry about your reputation on a torrent tracker, you can momentarily continue seeding the torrent.

Citrio is a fast browser with excellent performance.
With Citrio’s rich functionality and incredible download speed you’ll have the best browsing experience ever.