Citrio is the next-generation browser in which new technologies are combined with worldwide established best practice. Citrio provides its users with lightning-fast Internet browsing, comfortable navigation, cloud-based account synchronization and a perfect support for most Internet standards. However, the ultimate power of Citrio is covered inside it’s multiple addons which are permanently integrated in Citrio, ensuring highly media, social networks and downloads-oriented web-browsing. All addons come preinstalled and preconfigured, meaning that they are ready for immediate and easy usage.

Download manager

The first and the strongest side of Citrio is its Download Manager addon. This addon allows Citrio users to effectively manage their downloads. The download process for each file can be manually paused and resumed whenever you need to. In case of a power outage or if the Internet connection breaks off during the download, you won’t lose your partially downloaded file - once the connection is reestablished, the download will be automatically resumed from where it stopped delivering files to you safe and sound.

Internet Download Accelerator is an essential part of the Download Manager. It’s unique technology splits file into several parts and by using multiple connections downloads and reassembles these parts. With this technology, Citrio’s Download Manager brings files to your computer up to 5 times faster than your average browser. Another aspect of the Download Manager is its built-in bittorrent client. No need to use additional software for downloading torrents and magnet links because with Citrio you can do everything without leaving your browser.

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Video Downloader

A powerful Video Downloader has several purposes within Citrio. This built-in addon enables you to download video files from the worlds most famous video hosting resources such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh, Rutube, Vimeo and hundreds of others. This is virtually the easiest way to download popular videos because with Citrio you simply start playing the video you like and a small download button will appear, allowing you to grab any clip in the highest possible quality.

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Torrent Manager

Citrio’s Download Manager includes a powerful Torrent Manager that allows its users to download torrent files and magnet links without leaving the browser. It is one of the fastest ways to download files to your computer from the Internet. The experience is seamless and doesn’t differ much from the regular file downloads. Torrent files can be edited on the go, meaning that any files in the torrent can be added or removed while the download is in progress.

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You need more?

Still feel that Citrio lacks some particular feature you want to see in your next browser? No problem, as Citrio supports a wide extension library allowing you to customize the looks and feel of the browser. While easy to discover and install, any functionality you desire will easily become a part of Citrio.

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