Online Torrent Manager

Citrio is a fast and simple browser with rich media downloader features. You can download virtually anything, without any additional software or add-ons. Anything you want can be downloaded immediately to you computer: from simple downloads of images, music and videos, to torrents and magnet links. Downloading torrents usually requires a separate program - an online torrent downloader or a magnet downloader - however, that’s not the case with Citrio.

Built-in torrent and magnet downloader

This is one of Citrio Download Manager’s strongest points - a powerful and easy-to-use online torrent downloader and magnet downloader. A native online torrent downloader is one of the fastest ways to download files to your computer from the Internet using just a browser. With Citrio you can download torrents online directly from inside your browser. This means that Citrio can also be used as magnet downloader. There is no need for additional software, add-ons, third-party bittorrent client and magnet downloader - everything comes pre-packed and ready to use with Citrio, right out of the box.

How to use Citrio’s torrent downloader

  • 1
    Choose a torrent or a magnet
    Click on the torrent or magnet link you wish to download. A window will pop-up asking you if you wish to download it using Citrio online torrent downloader. Click on Yes.
  • 2
    Select the files
    If the torrent contains multiple files, select the ones you want by checking them or just download everything available by default. Here you can also set Citrio as a default program to download torrents.
  • 3
    Choose the download destination
    Choose a destination folder for your download. By default it’s your Download folder. After that, the download will start. You will notice it by the increased number of running downloads on the Download Manager icon.

Manage your downloads

To access all your downloads, click on this icon to enter the Download Manager. Any torrent or magnet link process can be managed there: they can be paused, cancelled, and restarted whenever you need. An intuitive navigation side bar menu helps you to separate your running torrent downloads from common downloads.

The files list is easily expanded for more detailed browsing of the ongoing and completed downloads. When the process is completed, Citrio will notify about the successful download, providing immediate access to your new files.

Citrio is a fast browser with excellent performance.
With Citrio’s rich functionality and incredible download speed you’ll have the best browsing experience ever.