Anonymous and Secure Web Browsing with Citrio Proxy Manager

Are you tired of not being able to access your favourite websites due to regional restrictions? Worried that you may fall victim to hackers or snoopers? Got banned on some forum or website and cannot access it anymore? Want to check geotargeting of different sites? Simply want to hide your IP address while visiting certain sites? Or the hotel you’re staying at blocks YouTube because it’s clogging up the network? All these problems can be solved in a blink of an eye with Citrio’s Web Proxy management tool. Just change proxy settings and it’s all done.

Change your external IP with Proxy Manager

Your IP acts like an ID card, so when you visit websites, their owners may block the access for some reason. Citrio’s built-in Web Proxy Manager is a small, simple and sophisticated addon, that allows you to change proxy address and replace it with an address of your choice. This is how you can protect your privacy, increase your system’s security and make it less vulnerable to external threats.

In order to become completely anonymous online, all you have to do is swap your real IP address with a fake one - it’s the easiest way to change proxy. Fortunately there are millions of IP addresses available on the Internet to choose from. Just pick any you like and Citrio’s Web Proxy Manager will help you change proxy settings in one click. Turn it on and get prepared to experience a safe proxy browsing.

Simple and easy to use

Citrio is your new free safe proxy browser. No need to install additional software, because the Web Proxy Manager has already been pre-installed in Citrio, and is ready to use as soon as you launch the browser. Simply click the icon in the top right corner. From there, you’ll be able to set up any web proxy you like. Just enter the new IP address and its port, and your new web proxy will be saved and ready for use whenever you need it. This will enable Citrio browser proxy web surfing. The interface is very straightforward and user friendly. It takes just a couple of minutes to get used to it. This will encrypt all your Internet traffic, either browsing at home or on public WiFi hotspots.

Highly customizable

Once activated, Proxy Manager changes proxy and runs in the background. You won’t be distracted by additional windows or pop-up messages. The Proxy Manager’s Icon will change its color when the proxy is used. After a proxy has been added you can check its state and speed right in the Proxy Manager. Open the proxies list, click the Test Proxy button and Citrio will check the connection speed. This will allow you to change proxy based not only on their geographical location, but also based on the fastest possible connection.

The Citrio Proxy Manager allows you to manage your web proxy list in a fast and convenient manner. You can add new connections, delete old or not working proxies, or to prioritize those that are already listed.
Citrio pays a great deal of attention to security and privacy on the Internet, helping you change your browsing proxy for a safe and limitless Internet experience.

Citrio is a fast browser with excellent performance.
With Citrio’s rich functionality and incredible download speed you’ll have the best browsing experience ever.