Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how we collect and use the information you entrust to us

What information Citrio receives when you use our Browser

You don’t need any registration to use Citrio browser. Like any other browser, Citrio contacts its servers automatically and receives the following information: your system’s IP address, the type of device you are using (desktop, mobile and touch screen), your language preference, the referring site and one or more cookies.


A cookie is information that is stored on your computer by a website you visit. The most common information that Cookies store are settings for a website, such as language or location. When you return to the Citrio browser site, we send back the cookies. This allows us to deliver information customized to your needs. Cookies can store a variety of information, including personal information. For example: your name, e-mail or telephone number. Because of their ability to store personal information, or references to such information, cookies can allow websites to track online activity. You can refuse to accept cookies and delete stored cookies using our Settings.

What information other websites receive when you visit them through Citrio

Websites that you visit through Citrio will receive all standard information similar to what Citrio receives using your computer automatically. However, these websites can also have their own configuration and cookies or store site data on your computer. You can restrict cookies and other site data using Citrio Settings page. Sites may also use pre-rendering technology to pre-load the links that you might click next.

What information is stored on your computer when you use Citrio

Citrio may store information locally on your computer. This includes the following:

  • Browser history information. This can be the URLs of the pages that you visit, cache text files and images from the pages you have visited before, and a list of IP addresses.
  • A searchable index of most pages you visit (except "https" web addresses)
  • Thumbnail-sized screenshots
  • Cookies or web storage data deposited
  • A record of downloads you have made from websites
  • You can opt to delete some or all your browsing history.

Safe Browsing feature in Citrio

Citrio browser sends and receives information about suspicious websites (warez or malware websites). Each site you visit will be checked against the Safe Browsing list. If there is a match against the list, your browser will send you a notification.

Update feature

Citrio automatic update periodically checks the version of Citrio you currently use. This feature sends information to Citrio about the version of Citrio, build ID, your language preference, operating system, etc. Citrio uses this information to provide you with updated versions of Citrio. We use this information to improve our products and services.


Citrio is committed to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction. We undertake a range of security measures including physical access restraints, technical security monitoring, and internal security reviews of the environment. We also have policies in place to prohibit employees from viewing personal information without business justification. Additionally, it is our policy to ensure that Citrio employees and contractors are bound by confidentiality obligations.

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