Team & Development

The Idea

We developed Citrio with the needs of our users in mind. We wanted to make a universal browser, with the potential to become an irreplaceable browsing tool. This is why we made Citrio so smart and yet so simple.


Before designing Citrio, each of us wrote down a couple of features we felt were missing in all existing browsers. Then, we analyzed everything we had and chose some characteristics our perfect browser had to have. This is how the concept of our new browser was formed.

A faster browser

The first problem we saw in all existing browsers was speed — both browsing speed and download speed. This inspired us to work out a technology that could make our browser particularly fast. Along with this, came the idea of a download accelerator, which we also decided to add to the browser. The result is that Citrio downloads files and pages up to 5 times faster than other browsers.

Citrio video downloader

Another feature came from the inevitable desire to be able to enjoy something that you have found on the internet later, offline. The first on the list of “wants” was the ability to download videos. The result is that now you can download whatever video you find on the Internet. All you have to do is to click a small yellow button that emerges every time a video is played on a webpage.

Citrio Bittorrent manager

We felt that all popular browsers were missing the ability to download torrents right from within the browser. It seems an absolutely natural solution, as additional software looks utterly abundant. This is the reason why Citrio has a built-in torrent client, which you can use to download torrents without having to leave the browser. This is how our concept of “all that happens in browser stays in browser” works.

This is, basically, the story behind Citrio. We promise to add new features regularly, as we have a full drawing board of ideas for further improvements and enhancements.

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