Chrome vs Firefox

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are considered to be major rivals in the current browser war and there are many reasons this competition is so fierce. Which one is actually a better browser, Chrome or Firefox? Both browsers have their strong and weak points, and the one that suits you best depends on your browsing needs and browsing habits.

Rich functionality

Both Chrome and Firefox present users with a polished, stylish, and highly customizable interface which you can tailor according to your own preferences. The design is a matter of taste though, what matters is functionality. Chrome can boast a better support for modern web standards such as HTML5 compared to Firefox. This means that whatever the page you load, it will open instantaneously, and each element will be displayed as it should be. Any web-based game will run smoothly and there won’t be any trouble with playing online videos.
Google Chrome can boast lightning fast startup speed, letting you browse immediately after it was launched. Unlike Firefox, every tab in Chrome is a separate process, which adds to the overall stability, as well as protection from malware and crashes. Thousands of free extensions are available for immediate download from the Chrome Web Store, letting you customize your browser's functionality and complementing it with features that you need for work or leisure.

Google Account

An important feature of Chrome, which is certainly missing in Firefox, is the use of Google Accounts. With the help of a Google Account, all bookmarks, settings, passwords, and extensions are synchronised via a cloud with the Chrome browser which you can use on any other computer or portable device. So if you reinstall Chrome, or install it on some other device or computer, you can log into your Google account and get the exact same Chrome you were using before, with all your preferences and adjustments. It works the same way as logging in using your Google Account on an Android device.

Chromium project

Chrome is based on the Chromium open-source project, and there are several other browsers which are also Chromium-based. Each of them has a range of its own unique features. One of these browsers is Citrio. Citrio has all the functionality of Chrome, which means it is as stable, fast, and secure as Chrome. However, if you want something even better and more advanced than Chrome, you should consider Citrio.

Consider Citrio

For example, Citrio’s download speed is much higher than Chrome’s. It also has a powerful, built-in download manager which allows users to organize downloaded files and resume broken downloads. Chrome boasts higher download speed than Firefox, but Citrio beats them both accelerating downloads by up to 5 times.

Citrio is an upgraded version of Chrome

With Citrio, you will be able to download online videos from almost any website, including YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and Facebook. Citrio also has a built-in bittorrent client, with which users can download torrents and magnet links. Citrio’s download manager solves the problem of sorting the downloads and keeping them all organized and in one place.

So Chrome comes out a definite winner in the Chrome vs Firefox race. It is faster, smoother and more advanced in terms of features and usability. But despite Chrome being one of the best browsers, there is a better alternative with unmatched functionality - it is Citrio. So, if you want a great browser, choose Chrome. If you want an even better one - go for Citrio.

Citrio is a fast browser with excellent performance.
With Citrio’s rich functionality and incredible download speed you’ll have the best browsing experience ever.