Chrome vs Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the first browser that every Windows user gets after installing the OS. As a native Windows browser it definitely has some advantages over third-party browsers. However, can it truly compete with other powerful competitors, mainly Google Chrome? Which browser is better?

IE: default in Windows

As the default browser for Windows, Internet Explorer has greatly improved compared to its previous versions. This is a browser that supports both the touch screen and the traditional interface of Windows PC. It's no surprise that its interface perfectly fits with the general look and feel of Windows 8.1 and complements its overall functionality, IE has a very minimalisctic and stylish interface, supplemented with features such as pinning any site to the taskbar in Windows. Overall, IE is quite a fast and relatively secure browser.

Chrome: rich feature set

Internet Explorer is a decent browser, but it leaves much to be desired. For example, some sites may not be displayed as intended due to the rendering engine (Trident) which IE uses. This problem isn't present in Google Chrome, which has become a quality standard amongst web browsers. Internet Explorer's update cycle is pretty long. It may take several years for the next version to get released and several months to fix bugs or improve security. Chrome, on the other hand, updates every six weeks. As a result, users receive an improved and upgrated browser more frequently.

The functionality of both browsers can be easily expanded with add-ons. However, Chrome has a much more diverse library of extensions which is reqularly updated and expanded. Don't forget that Internet Explorer is available only for Windows, limiting your browsing experience to only one OS. Chrome, however, is available for most major platforms, so you can use the browser on a wider range of devices.

Google Account

A distinctive feature of Chrome, which you won't find in IE, is the use of Google Accounts. With this feature, all your settings, bookmarks, passwords, and extensions are sunchronised via the cloud with the CHrome browser which you use on any other computer, tablet, or smartphone. This means that if you reinstall CHrome, or decide to use it on another device or computer, you can log in using your Google Account and exprience the same Chrome you were previously using, with all your preferences and settings saved.

But Chrome is not the only browser that has all this functionality. There are some browsers that are based on the Chromium open-source project and have all the advantages of Chrome, but still bring something new to its functionality. One such browsers is Citrio.

Consider Citrio

Citrio is as great as Chrome: the browser is fast, stable, and secure. However, if you want a more personalized experience and a wider range of features, consider using Citrio.

The download speed in Citrio is several times higher than that of Google Chrome. A unique built-in download manager allows Citrio users to resume paused or broken downloads and to manage downloaded files. With a download speed which is 5 times higher than in Chrome or Internet Explorer, Citrio is a perfect solution for downloading any files you want.

Citrio is an upgraded version of Chrome

Citrio can download online videos from virtually any website, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The built-in bittorrent client allows users to download torrents and magnet links without leaving their browser window. The download manager in Citrio helps you sort and organize the downloaded files, keeping them neatly stacked in the destination folder of your choice.

While Google Chrome remains one of the best browsers available today, there is a better alternative with a stylish new interface, unique functionality, and constant innovations. So, if you want a great browser, choose Chrome. If you want an even better one - go for Citrio.

Citrio is a fast browser with excellent performance.
With Citrio’s rich functionality and incredible download speed you’ll have the best browsing experience ever.