Citrio Browser: Built-in Ad Blocking and New Notifications

Citrio Browser now features a built-in ad blocking extension. SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 16, 2015 — Catalina Group announces the release of its updated Chromium-based web browser with the integration of a new ad blocking extension — AdSafe Browsing. Citrio with AdSafe Browsing is now available for PC with the upcoming release of the OSX version. This update also introduces several other new features and a number of bug fixes. coque iphone 6 The update will be distributed to all Citrio Browser users via an automatic browser update. As ad blocking software currently on the rise, the latest version of Citrio with the AdSafe Browsing extension provides Citrio users with the option to automatically block annoying advertisement, banners, and pop-ups. The AdSafe Browsing mode is available straight out of the box, without the need to install additional software. The ad-free web browsing is enabled by default and it blocks annoying and potentially harmful advertisement, leaving only the important content on a web page. In case the user wishes to allow ads on a certain page, for example, to support the web site funded by the ads revenue, the AdSafe Browsing extension can be disabled for that particular site. Citrio Ad Block Another addition to the latest version of Citrio is the introduction of a smart notification system, This system is used to display files once their download is complete in a compact notification window. This notification provides a number of options to interact with the downloaded file, for example, to open it immediately with the assigned program, or to open a folder hosting this file. These options allow users to play or launch the files in a faster and a more convenient fashion, compared to the default Chrome and Citrio downloads bar. Citrio File Notifications The Affiliate Program extension has also been improved for the participants of the Citrio Affiliate Program. coque iphone 7 The updated extension allows affiliates to log into the system with an email and password to gain immediate access to the affiliate dashboard, displaying the campaign’s progress. affiliate program Citrio Jack Fain, Citrio project leader says: “Ad blocking, despite all of the controversies surrounding it, is a very important aspect of a modern web browsing experience. For a lot of people it becomes a top priority to download an ad blocker right after they install the browser itself. We consider ad blocking to be an essential and almost inalienable part of a web browser, so we wanted to make access to it even easier for Citrio users. If you haven’t been using an ad block previously due to technical reasons and due to some issues during the installation or usage process, this is a perfect opportunity to start enjoying an ad-free web. coque iphone 8 We expect that Citrio users will like this new built-in service of our comprehensive browser. We also wanted to make another aspect of web browsing with Citrio more effective. coque iphone The new notifications system will make accessing downloaded files easier. coque iphone pas cher Sometimes you need to launch the file right after the download is complete. Sometimes not. Sometimes you might want to open the folder with the downloaded files. The new notifications will always provide a choice in a way that won’t interrupt your workflow.” About Citrio Citrio is a new generation browser for Windows and Mac OS. Initially released in 2013, Citrio continues to gain popularity among users due to its broad functionality and effectiveness. Based on the Chromium open source project, Citrio browser has all the basic functionality of the Chrome platform complemented by a wide range of built-in add-ons: a download manager, proxy manager, torrent manager, etc.

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