UpToDown review: “Citrio, a brilliant browser with integrated download manager”

There are lots of browsers out there based on Chromium, the open standard that’s in turn based on Google’s own Chrome. Citrio is one of the most interesting among them, as in addition to being totally compatible with Chrome and allowing you to automatically import your preferences and plugins, it includes lots of super-useful default features such as a download manager and integrated torrent client or a native tool to download YouTube videos locally. coque iphone en ligne The graphics are identical to Chrome’s, to the point that once you open it up and log in it will be hard to tell which is which. coque iphone 7 It’s among the links in the top toolbar that you’ll see the goodies that set it apart: The file manager lets you automatically chunk up big files and restart a download from where you’ve paused it. coque iphone 8 But where it really stands out is in its torrent client. When you go to download a .torrent file or a magnet link, the integrated client will pop up automatically to ask you where you want to save the included files. For practical purposes you’ll see the progress just as if it were a direct download. Another cool thing is that if you’re downloading a video, you can start playing it from the browser itself even before the download gets finished. coque iphone pas cher citrio uptodown 1 If you go to a YouTube video URL you’ll discover another of Citrio’s cool extras in a special icon at the top, which you can click to select that video for download (and in the output format and resolution of your choice, to boot). coque iphone 2019 There’s also a box you can tick if all you want to do is extract the audio. coque iphone x In either case it will download just like any other file. coque iphone x citrio uptodown 2 Citrio includes even more extra features in the form of preinstalled extensions, such as a Proxy manager to hide your connection (this comes deactivated by default), a wizard to download files from 4shared, and a module to share URLs via Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus. Beyond all this, it runs just as smoothly as any flavor of Chromium: it’s stable, 100% compatible with current standards, and lets you use any of the enormous array of extensions from the Chrome Store to add more utilities as needed.

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